Our Story

Fugitives from the laws of averages

One BC is an innovative Independent British fashion label launched by Tony and Reeta Brack

“The whole mad’s gone world”

– Tony Brack

Established in 1998 and with experience of over 40 years, One BC stands for ‘Bespoke Clothing’, a label with an attitude that represents creativity with quality and longevity. We offer alternatives for all occasions, genders, and ages with a ‘Frock n Roll’ ethos, all handmade on the premises.

Based in Sneinton Market Square, Nottingham, One BC brings together a vibrant fusion of global cultural influences, operating from a large, sociable studio complete with sampling machinery and a showroom / retail unit. The studio is not only a hive of industrious creativity, it is a meeting place and a sounding board for new ideas and projects.

Our slogan, ‘Fugitives from the Law of Averages’, truly reflects the eclectic mix of fabrics we use, ranging from silk, denim, lace, leather, luxury suitings and everything in between.

The cutting and design are inspired from around the globe, ranging from traditional to high-tech developments, giving a totally individual look. With a surreptitious sense of humour designed to excite and ignite the imagination, One BC is more than just a fashion trend.

As well as creating our own small collections, One BC largely produce bespoke garments for clients, ranging from local characters to sports personalities, through to world-famous rock ‘n’ roll stars.

Within these boundaries, we are able to cater for all tastes, ages, size, and genders! Some strange – some sophisticated – and some downright stupid, but always with a smile and a sense of style.