Our Process

Making garments as unique as their owners

Here at One BC, we provide an individual, bespoke service for our clients, all hand-made in the studio.

The custom-made designs are tailored to fit our client’s measurements and we stock an extensive range of premium fabrics which we use to bring your vision to life. The process from walking into our studio with a vision to walking out with your garment is undertaken in just a few simple steps.

1. Develop Your Inspiration

The first step in our process starts with the client. We advise all our clients to begin by creating a board of inspiration for their design, via Pinterest or somewhere of their own accord, in order to provide our designers with an idea as to the garment they want. This should include ideas for style, fit, design, colours, fabric etc. We also advise that an estimated budget it thought of including a minimum to maximum spend and a deadline if required. If you are unsure of any element within this it can be discussed with the designers during the consultation.
Once the customer knows what they want, the next step is to get in touch. This should be via email or social media to discuss a suitable time for a consultation with the designers.

2. Visit the Studio

Come to studio where we will discuss your vision, including looking at fabric swatches, design ideas and budgeting in order to begin the direction of the design. This will then be followed with taking any measurements required and setting a time for an initial fitting. This step may include multiple consultations to ensure fabric decisions, budgeting and fit options are finalised.

3. The Pattern Begins

The next step for our designers to create a tailor-made pattern for the client’s garment which will be translated into a 3D calico toile (mock-up design). During this process the client will be invited to trial the toile multiple times where the garment will be designed and fit to the client as we go, this to ensure the client’s needs are met at every stage of the process and the garment is fit to standard.

4. The Final Design

Once both the client and designers are happy with the toile, the chosen cloth is cut and construction of the final garment begins. Before completion, the client will be invited for a final fitting to ensure they are content with their garment.

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