Meet the Fugitives

Our family of fugitives grows everyday

Tony Brack

Head Skull

Creative Director, Designer and Educator

Brands: Olto, Brack Clothing & One BC

Reeta Brack

Head Bindi

Tony’s partner in crime 

Creative Director, Designer, Educator and MUA

Brands:  One BC


Pooch No. 1

Guard Dog

Enjoys playing football and tummy tickles


Pooch No. 2

Guard Dog

Enjoys licking hands and tummy tickles

Jasper Garrett

Jasperachi / Fugitive Peacock

Shirt Designer

Brands- LL&P

Le Dinh Han

Puffy Diddy Dinh

Photographer, Chef

‘I cook! I take photos but I mainly cook!’

Lee Ramsay

Motion Graphics

‘The motion is ocean of life!’

Sophia Conlan

PA and Electrical Engineer

Kirsty Proctor

Musician, Educator, Model

Lisa Proctor

Director of Moontown

Engineer, Musician, Model

Kirsty Fuge


In charge of Instagram duties

Sarah Orme

In charge of Instagram Duties

Natasha Blair

Fashion Design Student

Design, Creation and Pattern Cutting assistant

Chloe Weston

Fashion Marketing and Branding Student

Website Creation and Social Media