Talkin’ bout our JEANeration


‘STOP! Don’t you frocking dare throw those old jeans away!’

We know you’ve got old denims that are hiding in the back of your wardrobe. So don’t frock about, get a grip and weave them out; aw’ll happily take on your blues!

By celebrating 21 years of One BC, this year, we have established a new and exciting innovation: ‘The ReJEANeration Project’; We are taking your old jeans and breathing new life into them. Here at One BC we continuously test the boundaries of our creations, we won’t simply be reincarnating your beloved denim for another lucky customer, we will distress, bleach, tear and embellish your donations, fusing together old and new fabrics to create something that is truly unique.

For our 21st birthday, we will not only be raising a toast to our business, but also our sustainable ethos and work ethic, which has always been to produce one off pieces and bespoke designs for clients. we pride ourselves on not getting caught up in the need to mass produce, something evidently a part of the global problem of fashion pollution.

Why we are doing this!

With the environmental cost of ‘fast fashion’ and its impact on our planet, the industry is starting to wake up and listen. However, as consumers and designers, we also need to think about our own personal  footprint and how we can pull ourselves away from our appetite for a ‘quick fashion fix’. We all must do more to save our clothes before they end up in landfill; we need to save our JEANeration and dissect, prefabricate, reconstruct and redefine.

We are putting a call out to the Nottingham community to not only donate but create and become part of a new ‘JEANeration’! We want to develop a culture of sharing and want everyone to help and to be a part of the fugitive family. You should feel proud and know your sustainable contribution counts and know that you have built on your conscientious mindset. You never know, you may spot your jeans of distinct tears and markings twisted or fluted on a sleeve of a jacket or corset, so you can feel good about playing a part in these new creations.

So take a trip down to One B.C and drop off your much loved, much worn, ripped and torn denims, and out of these a new garment will be born! See how the vey sought after jean made kilts become our signature ‘Jilts’, or how we turn your old jeans into a new denim laced wedding dress! As Bowie once said ‘Jean Genie, let yourself go’.

Keep the dialogue going and spread the word by ‘talking ’bout our JEANeration’. It’s like a new JEANeration calling, can you hear it call?